A good mini insect movie

I saw this on Bee Keepers Garden. I recognised the little Osmia face as soon as I saw it. I think for 10 minutes of video “The Little World” lets us peep into a world that most people never see.

In a Beekeepers Garden

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7 thoughts on “A good mini insect movie

  1. Loved this film Amelia, thanks so much for sharing Stephens blog. Incredible footage too. Really helpful information on checking identification with ispot, and others. ID’s are something I really struggle with.


    • I don’t really understand the article. Is it a joke? I did not open the links in the article as I wondered if I was missing something. They are talking about bumblebees in a strange way and showing honeybees on a frame. Amelia


      • No Amelia, it is a genuine article….
        it was also on Auntie Beeb with the correct type of bee Bombus terrestris as illustration.
        As for the illustrations, quite often the web”masters” who compose these things have been given the text and need to illustrate it…
        and they wouldn’t know one end of a bee from a wasp unless it stung them!
        They entered ‘bee’ in Goggle and used the first Creative Commons illustration that they came across…
        even the RSPB and the Norfolk Wildlife Trust fall foul of this….
        a recent RSPB web article on hibernation in European bats was illustrated with a fruit bat!!
        A Norfolk Wildlife blog article used an American example of the species refered to in a post….
        what hope is there???

        The actual Royal Society link is real…. I’ve followed it. The article is entitled….
        Nest wax triggers worker reproduction in the bumblebee Bombus terrestris
        Both the BBC and IFLS used the summary and extracts from the quite wordy paper#….
        however, they got the jist right!
        It is actually a fascinating read… also if hydrocarbons are used so much in communication, it isn’t really surprising that hydrocarbon based agricultural chemicals can screw this comunication up!

        #Bedtime reading for insomniacs stuff!


  2. I have to disagree that they got the gist right. They seem to have distorted the essence of the very interesting experiments performed on the nest wax of laboratory reared bumble bees and presented a scenario that is in their imagination. Violence, deceit and murder was not cited in the paper and it made me cringe.


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