Andrena 26.1.2016


One thought on “Andrena 26.1.2016

  1. Dear Ameli,
    in October 2014 you presented photos of Epeolus fallax at a nesting site of Colletes hederae. In September I recorded the first specimens in Germany and I have investigated the distribution, population size and behaviour. Now I am writing a paper on the results of this study and I am going to add a distribution map containing all available records in Europe. I have been given all data from specimens stored in private collections and museums. This is why I have a request: Can you tell me where your french garden is situated? The name of the location (village, town) will do, because the map will only show dots where Epeolus fallax was observed. You can also give me the coordinates displayed in Google Earth and I could add these into DMAP, a British software I purchased from Alan Morton. On several occasions you mention Stephen Falk and his marvellous field guide. I like it very much and recommend it to the visitors of my website
    Best wishes


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